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Retirement Income Planning

Retirement comes with certain expectations, each with two cutting edges. For example, living longer will require additional income and more than likely, additional health care expenses. What we once thought of as a financial legacy for loved ones may be depleted if we live longer than initially planned. Retirement plans are changing. The days of counting on receiving life-long retirement income and health benefits from prior employers are now the exception and NOT the norm.

Effective retirement planning must consider how to weigh your financial goals and objectives against the expenses you will be facing in your Golden Years. Income will be your primary concern, followed by expenses, asset protection and effective risk management.

Casey Stengel said, "Prognostication is very difficult, especially when you are talking about the future." Retirement is not a guessing game. It is critical to find an, independently managed, full-service financial services firm that you feel comfortable with in planning for your retirement income needs.

The professionals at Retirement Advisors have nearly 60 years of combined experience in assisting individuals in Southwest Florida in planning for a successful retirement. Let us help you! Contact us today for a complimentary review.


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